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Postoperative Instructions After Oral Surgery

  • Take the prescribed medication at fixed times:

    » Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)
    eg . Brufen , Ibuprofen , Nurofen , Spidifen , Apranax , Voltaren ao
    help to avoid swelling and pain
    (!) Do not take with active stomach problems
    prefer not to take on an empty stomach
    » Extra painkillers
    eg . Add Dafalgan (Codeine), Panadol, Perdolan and others
    never exceed the maximum dose
    (!) None aspirin derivatives eg . Aspegic , Dispril , Sedergine ea
    because these give a tendency to bleed
    » Antibiotics
    only on indication
    (!) Report Allergies to Your Doctor
    » Children
    Junifen , Nurofen Junior, Perdolan

  • Ice applications on the cheeks during the first hours after the procedure reduce swelling, as well as light height when sleeping (extra pillow).

  • Food and drink::
    » Do not consume hot food/drinks in the hours following the procedure
    » Do not eat again (soft food) until the anesthesia has completely worn off
    » Avoid alcohol consumption

  • Oral and dental hygiene:
    » Brushing teeth from the day after the procedure
    » Also in the treated area, brush all teeth completely
    » Use mouthwash 2-3x/day from the day after the procedure

  • Do not smoke at least a few days after the procedure

  • Most stitches will digest on their own after 10 to 14 days. The non-absorbable sutures are removed by us or by the referring doctor or dentist after 7 to 14 days, depending on what was agreed.

  • In case of urgent questions or urgencies you can always contact us:

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