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“Immediate loading” (also referred to as “immediate loading” or “instant loading”) means the placement of a prosthetic restoration within 48 hours of placement of the implant(s). This concept can only be applied if sufficient primary stability of the implants is achieved. This technique was developed in response to the growing demand from patients for faster treatment and faster “time - to - teeth ”.

“Immediate placement” is when an implant is placed during the same procedure as the natural tooth is removed.

“Immediate replacement” (also called “immediate replacement”) combines both, so during the same procedure ( t)(s) the bad tooth(s) are removed, (an) implant (s) placed and within 48 hours ( a) new temporary permanent tooth(s) placed.
Careful patient study, good treatment planning, accurate implant placement with expertise and close collaboration between oral surgeon, prosthetic dentist and dental lab are necessary to achieve predictable and aesthetic results.

Benefits for the patient and the practice:
• Fewer surgical procedures (and possibly complex bone grafting procedures that may otherwise be required to restore resorbed tooth sockets)
• Much shorter total treatment time
• Much shorter time with space (a “gap”) between the teeth (and any removable dentures)


“All-on-4” (Nobel Biocare®is the original “full - arch ” solution on 4 implants (per jaw)..

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a cost-effective solution that offers patients a complete fixed bridge from the day after surgery without additional bone grafting procedures.

So this is a form of “ immediate loading ” or from “ immediate replacement ”. After an average of 4 to 6 months, this temporary bridge is then replaced by the definitive bridge.

The 2 posterior implants are placed at an angle of 30° (up to max. 45°) in order to avoid anatomical structures such as the maxillary sinuses and the mandibular nerves, while at the same time allowing the placement of long and thus primarily more stable implants. This angle is compensated again by means of the 30° angled abutments so that the shaft ends up nicely in the middle of the dental arch.

After additional training courses in the Benelux, Spain and the USA in 2011 (Miami) and 2013 (New York), Dr. De Neef developed the treatment concepts “ immediate loading ” and “All-on-4” more and more in his practice and can now look back on hundreds of successful treatments and satisfied patients so many years later.

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