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The “ Additively Manufactured subperiosteal Jaw Implant” or simply “AMSJI” is a fairly new method for the total prosthetic rehabilitation of the extremely atrophic maxilla (or mandible).

Placing classic titanium implants is not a problem in patients with sufficient jawbone. But if the jaw is severely atrophied , a strong anchorage of implants is impossible. Extreme jaw bone atrophy ( Cawood & Howell Class V to VIII) requires an alternative solution. AMSJI offers an elegant alternative to bone graft or quadzygoma implants in these patients.

CADskills offers a solution that is individually designed for each patient , starting with a (CB)CT scan of the jaw and the scanning prosthesis in occlusion. The AMSJI is 3D printed in biocompatible titanium. In addition, a 3D printed temporary fixed prosthesis is included, which is always placed immediately. So there is always “immediate loading” ( immediate prosthetic load) possible.

Biofunctionalization for optimal biocompatibility and scaffolding ensures secondary fixation, in addition to primary screw fixation. Screws are placed where the bone is of the best quality and will not resorb, namely in the zygomatic arches and apertura piriformis framework.

The generic AMSJI implant is topologically optimized according to predefined standards. Each implant is individually subjected to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure the strength of the AMSJI. This results in the ability to delete posts if necessary, to outsmart infections and peri - implantitis . The patient will never end up in a situation worse than before implantation.

The procedure for AMSJI placement can be performed under general or local anesthesia and takes less than 2 hours.

From two months after the procedure, the temporary fixed prosthesis can be replaced by the definitive suprastructure . This can be fixed or removable. CADskills offers a hybrid bridge, a double structure or a Dolder bar with clips as a definitive prosthetic solution .

Since September 2018, Dr. Björn De Neef started with AMSJIs . Since then, he has treated more than 25 patients with an AMSJI.

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