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Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually in Titanium (biocompatible metal) that is inserted into the jawbone and then grows into it (osseointegrates).

The planning of the implants is done by means of 3D imaging ( Conebeam CT scan) and digital impressions so that "smart fusion " can take place of all these digital data for an optimal aesthetic result and above all a predictable end result thanks to the planning software.

The placement of the implants can thus be done very accurately, with or without the X-Guide.

There are several prosthetic options on implants:

With one or more missing teeth

With crown and bridge work on implants, the adjacent natural dentition does not have to be ground and thus damaged, unlike traditional crown and bridge work.

Completely toothless jaw

    1. Crowns and bridges on an average of 4 to 6 implants: this functionally and aesthetically most high-quality solution for edentulous jaws are screwed rows of teeth. These are fixed on the implants and connect directly to the gums.
    2. The Procera ® Implant Bridge (PIB) is a screwed prosthesis on an average of 4 implants in the upper and/or lower jaw. Read more about the various techniques All-On-4 and Immediate Loading.
    3. The overdenture ('click denture') on an average of 4 implants with a bar construction in the upper and/or lower jaw.
      The overdenture ('click denture') on an average of 2 implants with a bar construction or else ' locators ' in the lower jaw. The big advantage is that the prosthetic wings can be kept limited and that the top of the palate remains free of prosthetic material, which provides more comfort, better taste and less vomiting reflex.

The “ Additively Manufactured subperiosteal Jaw Implant” or simply “AMSJI” is a fairly new method for the total prosthetic rehabilitation of the extremely atrophic maxilla (or mandible). Click through for more information about this.

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